Barracuda vs. Veeam

Data is one of the most valuable commodities in business. If your business-critical applications experience downtime or you lose customer data, your business will suffer. 90% of businesses without a disaster recovery plan fail after a disaster.   

Disaster recovery and business continuity solutions that work need to be simple and scalable, and should sit at the heart of any sound business plan. Although there is far more to proper business continuity planning than software and hardware, getting your IT investments right is the first step to building a disaster recovery solution that will deliver.  

Veeam and Barracuda are just two of many available solutions. But, whether you are just getting started or have already narrowed your search field to just these two, getting the lowdown on this DR head-to-head will give you the context necessary to explore the market with confidence.

A lot of businesses will benefit from the tailored advice managed IT service providers can deliver. But, even if determined to go it alone, a little information can go a long way.

Let’s get started. Here is Veeam vs. Barracuda — who will come out ahead?

Spoiler! — it depends.    

Veeam: Hyper-Available Data

Veeam is a brand that has made themselves all about making data “Hyper-Available”. Their approach blends together data backup and recovery, data protection and data security, aiming to make data self-governing and intelligent.

According to Veeam, they are trusted by 82% of the Fortune 500 and deliver 3.5 times the industry average for customer satisfaction. With 59,000 partners and 330,000 customers, they are an extremely popular choice for data management.

Veeam offers a number of disaster recovery products for businesses of different sizes. Veeam Backup Essentials is designed for small and medium businesses, while other products such as their Availability Platform can help larger organisations meet their data management requirements.

Veeam has grown its user base by a huge amount in a relatively short amount of time and has become known globally for virtualised IT shops. Their products are chosen for being simple and easy to deploy, making them accessible to any organisations.

Through Veeam resellers, known as Veeam ProPartners, organisations can purchase the products that are suitable for their needs. Veeam Availability Suite offers solutions for disaster recovery to help minimise downtime, which connects with their Cloud Connect Replication to provide complete DRaaS (disaster recovery as a service). Their cloud solution is purpose-built to work with on-premises VMware and Hyper-V disaster recovery. It offers benefits such as full-site failover to a remote DR site and single-port connectivity via a secure connection to a service provider with traffic encryption. Veeam offers fast and flexible recovery that can work for many organisations.

Barracuda: Rising DR Newcomer

Barracuda is a relatively new company in the backup and restore market, but they are steadily growing. The company, which also sells email protection and network security software, has delivered over a million cloud-enabled products since its launch, when they first began offering email security products.

They have more than 150,000 customers worldwide and over 5,000 channel partners. Their products are sold through the Barracuda Reseller Program, helping organisations to set up their data recovery systems.

Barracuda’s data recovery products include backup and cloud-to-cloud backup. They offer a choice of physical and virtual options that can be deployed simply and flexibly. Their products include Backup Appliance, Encrypted Appliance, Cloud to Cloud, and Virtual Backup, and customers benefit from full cloud-based management.

Barracuda products protect data across different systems and devices, including physical devices and virtual environments, Office 365 and SQL data. Their 24-hour award-winning tech support is one of their top selling points.

Barracuda is a backup option that is suitable for small businesses and anyone looking for simple management from their data recovery systems. As well as being able to back up and store data with their own cloud servers, you can use Amazon Web Services or a private host. Unlimited cloud service makes Barracuda a flexible option that could work for larger businesses, as well as small businesses. Their line of storage devices also offers you on-site backup so that you can have a complete solution for disaster recovery.

Veeam vs. Barracuda: Choice or Simplicity?

As a brand that has been providing disaster recovery and data backup products for longer, Veeam has a more flexible choice when it comes to their products. Barracuda chooses to keep things simple and easy to use, while Veeam expands their offering to deliver a broad range of features.

Barracuda is quick and simple to install and get started with and can offer a certain amount of scalability. However, organisations looking for an option that is both easy to use and can meet a wide range of needs should consider Veeam instead. It’s fast to set up and brings your data together, with an excellent suite of features.

Another difference between Veeam and Barracuda is that Barracuda has more of a focus on physical servers. Barracuda can offer a full system that combines both physical infrastructure and cloud products, but Veeam offers greater choice of virtual products.

Barracuda protects data in a variety of environments. If you are only looking for a solution for virtual environments, however, you don’t need the different location protections offered by Barracuda. Veeam can work with your on-premises infrastructure to host your off-site infrastructure.

Ultimately, Veeam is a top choice for virtual environments. Veeam Availability Suite and Veeam Cloud Connect Replication both support VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V, covering the latest hypervisor releases.

Speed is essential for backup solutions, and Barracuda isn’t always the fastest option for backup and recovery. Veeam offers more speed and faster responses for a range of tasks. Installation speed is important too, and both Barracuda and Veeam offer fast installation to get up and running as soon as possible.

Choosing the right solution for your business

Choosing the right disaster recovery product for your business requires consideration of a range of factors. One of the most important things to think about is what type of environment you need to protect. You should take into account your current data setup and how much time you want to put into creating a disaster recovery plan.

Barracuda could be the right choice for your organisation if you need a solution for physical, virtual and cloud environments. However, a reliable, tried and tested provider of DR services, Veeam is chosen again and again as the top solution that people are willing to pay more for.

To make the right choice for your requirements, working with specialists who know the industry inside and out is extremely valuable. They can help you to assess your needs and match them to the correct products. Creating a DR setup requires a combination of the right software and hardware with process planning and an accurate assessment of your needs. Industry experts can help you to put together a complete solution. Business continuity is achievable when you have a total system designed to provide reliable and fast data backup and recovery. You need to make the right choices from the start. Veeam or Barracuda could deliver that solution for you.

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