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Why Do You Need to Backup Office 365?

Simply put, Microsoft Office 365 does not protect users from data loss. Although Microsoft manages the underlying infrastructure and works to ensure uptime for its users, it does not backup your data.

Deleted data will be in most cases retained for around 30 days, after this, the data is usually unretrievable. This makes Office 365 backup essential to protect your business' data against:

  • Accidental data deletion
  • Retention policy gaps and confusion
  • Internal security threats such as disgruntled employees
  • External security threats such as viruses and malware
  • Legal and compliance requirements so you can retrieve any data needed for legal proceedings
  • Data loss during hybrid email deployments and migrations to O365

Get Your Quote for Veeam Office 365 Backup

Just let us know how many users’ data you need to backup and we’ll give you a monthly price per user. Every solution allows you to backup unlimited data and a 60 day free trial is available. You can also adjust your selection using the calculator.

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The Shared Responsibility Model

Developed by Veeam, this shared responsibility model shows where Microsoft ends and your responsibility as data owner begins.

Don't get caught without an effective backup solution to protect business-critical data.

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The Solution: Backup Office 365 with Veeam

Backup Office 365 to any location — on-premise or in the cloud

Backup unlimited data with Veeam Backup for Office 365. Protect your Microsoft Office 365 data from accidental deletion, security threats and retention policy gaps.

You can backup your Veeam-protected Microsoft Office 365 data wherever you want. The public cloud (including AWS S3, Azure Blob, IBM Cloud and any S3-Compatible provider) is the ideal location due to lower costs, simple deployment and potential for hyperscale. However, should you have extra local storage space, you can store your backups on-premise instead.

Nexstor are UK based online backup experts, with over 15 years of industry experience. As Veeam Office 365 Backup service providers, we can offer our expertise coupled with the best pricing through our quote calculator.

Retrieve and Backup Data with Ease

Retrieve Office 365 Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams data from a cloud-based instance of Office 365 and uniquely backup the data weekly, daily, or as often as every 5 minutes in Microsoft’s native format.

Data Backup Built Around Your Business

Backup Exchange and SharePoint on-premises, reducing the impact to your data centre and allowing you to set the frequency and timing of your backups. Store backups in the location of your choice — including on-premises or in a hyper-scale public cloud.

Share Project Data Seamlessly

Project data posted and shared with Microsoft Teams chats, files and sites. Teams data is journaled into Exchange Online and SharePoint online. A transparent data sharing process in which everyone is kept in the loop.

Quickly Restore Your Office 365 Data


Quick search and granular recovery of individuals objects - including Microsoft Teams data - residing in a protected copy of your Office 365 backup.

Direct Restore of Office 365 items through an industry-leading number of ways, giving you ultimate restore flexibility.


eDiscovery of Office 365 Data


Leverage the familiar, advanced search capabilities and the flexible recovery and export options to perform eDiscovery on Office 365 data - just as easily as you would with a traditional on-premise data backup.


How do we assist?

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With our UK based, 24/7 support desk, our clients can access our support desk in three ways.

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Ready to help you succeed

  • Nexstor employs Microsoft Office certified solution architects to ensure your backup journey is as streamlined as possible.
  • Nexstor ensures best practices are followed end-to-end and helps your IT team plan and design a backup strategy to deliver the best performance and ROI for your business.
  • Fully staffed NOC monitoring the environment using the latest tools.

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