Veeam Support Renewal FAQ: Everything you should know about Veeam maintenance renewals

Cloud solutions and reliable backups like those offered by Veeam are now a staple in as many as 94% of enterprises, and with good reason. Ongoing cloud capabilities such as file sharing and increased security are invaluable in the modern age.

These are benefits Veeam ensures with a comprehensive backup service package that includes:

  • Globe-leading data protection
  • Modern backup solutions
  • Hybrid cloud accelerations
  • Data compliance


And that’s to name a few. Even better, these benefits come with continued support and maintenance, as well as the possibility of discounts if you sign up in advance. To prove how invaluable that could be, we’ve put together a list of answers to any questions you might have regarding Veeam contract renewal, and the ‘whys’, ‘hows’, and ‘whens’ of the process.


Why should I renew?

Current advice is that you should seek Veeam support renewal every 1-5 years. In large part, the reasons for this are evident in the sheer amount of advancements happening in cloud computing right now.

As we touched on above, Veeam’s pre-paid maintenance packages and renewals can, in themselves, save you as much as 5-10% on overall cloud maintenance costs. And, that’s just to start. Other pressing reasons to renew your Veeam support sooner rather than later include:

  • New features and updates
    Cloud computing is changing all the time, and companies like Veeam are on hand with new features and updates to account for that. By renewing regularly, you guarantee that you can access developments as soon as possible for implementations that forever meet expanding tech needs.
  • Cutting edge data protection
    Veeam’s services in general offer fantastic data protection benefits, but never is that more the case when you renew your maintenance support package. As simple as that, you open yourself up to comprehensive protection, guarantees of the latest releases and compliance, and compatibility releases for VMware vSphere among others.
  • The best possible ROI
    With the post-sales technical assistance you get after renewal, your efforts here can also lead to the best possible ROI thanks to complete license portability, reduced downtime, and guaranteed efficiency in managing and monitoring your cloud infrastructure.
  • Continued support
    As the name suggests, up-to-date Veeam support packages also provide you continued support to take your cloud capabilities to the next level. As well as website upgrade hints and learning how you can maximise your cloud storage, you’ll be able to start chats with a 24/7 problem resolution team as and when you need them.


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What are the renewal guidelines?

With the above points in mind, it’s easy to see why renewal of your Veeam license and maintenance is essential on an annual basis, but making this possible is about understanding Veeam’s current renewal guidelines.

The thing to bear in mind here is that you automatically receive a perpetual license which includes one year of maintenance when you invest in Veeam’s services. This license will then need renewing annually for the benefits we’ve discussed, but that’s only possible once you’ve paid for the maintenance/support renewals we’re looking at here, of which there are two main types:

  • Basic annual maintenance – 22% of overall licensing price
    Basic annual maintenance provides software updates and telephone support during office hours.
  • Production annual maintenance – 27% of overall licensing price
    Production annual maintenance provides software updates with 24/7 telephone support 365 days a year.


As mentioned, it is possible to get a 5-10% discount on maintenance that’s pre-paid with a three or five-year renewal in advance. Note, though, that this benefit only applies at the purchase of a new license, rather than with your renewals themselves.


What else should you know?

Support renewals more than one month past due will be assessed a 25% reinstatement fee compared with annual renewal. The fee is included in Expired Renewal SKUs, which are required for renewal of contracts expired more than one month at time of purchase. Expired Fee Waived SKUs can be used with Veeam approval only. In cases where support expired more than 13 months ago, please contact the Veeam Renewals team to confirm needed SKUs.

To receive production support, all production licensed sockets for a product must be licensed at the production levels otherwise support defaults to basic levels.

Customers whose support has lapsed must renew their licenses with the appropriate annual support and renewal license SKU, co-term SKU, or back maintenance (with 25% Reinstatement Fee) as applicable. However, customers whose support has lapsed for more than one year may be eligible to be sold new licenses at list price instead of an annual support and renewal license with prior written approval from Veeam. Please speak with your Veeam representative for more details.


How do I renew?

The importance of an up-to-date Cloud support system is undeniable, especially in the modern landscape. The question now is how exactly you renew when your current maintenance ends. Luckily, Veeam has made this as easy as possible for their existing customers with partner-certified online pricing tools. The moment you notice your current support coming to an end, you simply need to enter your personal information, such as your maintenance and license descriptions, for price points and renewal that can guarantee your cloud systems at all times.

If there’s ever been a time to get on top with cloud capabilities and the support you put behind them, it’s now. Only with these methods in place can you overcome the tech teething issues that so many companies experience in order to enjoy continued cloud services complete with updates as necessary, and assistance should things ever go wrong.


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